Who We Are

We combine classic consulting techniques with ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Customer Journey Mapping’ to identify insights about customer needs and opportunities. We develop Customer Experience Strategies that are strategically aligned and practical to implement. 

What We Do

We work across digital and physical channels, ensuring alignment between corporate strategy and marketing, product and technology objectives. We deliver results that increase customer acquisition, engagement and retention and ultimately drive ROI.

Our Clients

We lead large customer experience inspired business transformation programs for multinational and Australian listed companies. We also work with smaller clients and on niche problems.  We coach, educate, support and train.




The Founder, Lisa Hickson

Lisa Hickson founded The Experience Collective after success as a consultant running major customer experience based change programs for large and listed companies.  

Lisa has over 25 years experience, initially as a Strategy Consultant for Bain & Co, then as GM Marketing for large corporates including Virgin, Microsoft and realestate.com.au, before developing a consulting practice that leverages her experience in strategy, line management and research-based customer journey mapping.  

She is passionate about helping companies grow and differentiate by aligning their corporate strategy, product value propositions and channels with the needs and behaviors of their customers.

The Team  

Lisa has assembled a network of affiliated experts she has worked with over many years .  They have  a range of disciplines including:  Research, UX Design, Physical Design, Data and Systems and Digital Channel Design.


Blended Talent

Teams combine top-tier strategy consultants, ex-industry C-suite executives & experts in design, UX data-analysis or research

Proprietary Methods

We pair ‘Design Thinking’ principles with proprietary ‘Customer Journey Mapping’, diagnostic & solution synthesis techniques

Flexible Staffing Model

We leverage a network of trusted associates  and custom-pick the right team of experts and professionals for each project.


Customer Insight

Teams combine top-tier strategy consultants, ex-industry C-suite executives & experts in design, UX data-analysis or research


Actionable Outcomes

A mix of quick wins / incremental improvements, gaps in the service delivery framework and bold new ways of doing things

Strategic Alignment

We use company strategy and competitor strengths to frame & prioritise opportunities and break down departmental barriers.


“We leverage deep customer insight in everything we do” – Lisa Hickson


We conduct large Customer Experience Change Programs, Short CX Channel Reviews, Training & Everything in between


Customer Experience Research

Customer journey mapping and other design thinking based research methods

  • Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) 
  • Task/customer based UX Reviews
  • Prototype / concept test workshops
  • Ethnographies: Observation, Intercept
  • Mystery Shopping: One-off / rolling
  • Needs based segmentation
  • Quantitative surveys & scorecards
  • Customer satisfaction measurement


Customer Experience Reviews & Change Management Programs

  • Board & Corporate Advisory
  • Top Down Strategic Reviews
  • Change management programs
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Web / Omni Channel Assessment
  • Capability, Metrics and Scorecards
  • Media buy & partner strategy
  • Brand development 


Channel & Service Design, Management & Operational Support, Project Execution

  • Action Planning & Program Management
  • Digital Channel & store redesign
  • Operations & org-chart alignment
  • Coaching & capability development
  • Metrics, reviews & scorecard build
  • Style, tone & content alignment
  • CRM, data & communications plans
  • Training, coaching, train-the-trainer 



They Can Be Customised & Tailored 

customer journey mapping



“Work is strategic, practical & implementable.  Our solutions are bold, innovative and always based on true customer insight”


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